Resume Service Consultation

For 18 years people have hired me because: ✔️I make their resume POP and get past ATS. ✔️I teach them to utilize their resume in the interview to WOW. (Yep a bit of coaching free) ✔️I show them how to use their resume to boost their salary during job offer negotiations too. OMG! ✔️I’m energetic and want to make sure you ROCK YOUR JOB SEARCH! Let's talk ASAP. Seriously- Just give me 15 min on the phone and let’s strategize. You won’t regret it.

Client Metrics Call

If you have turned in your questionnaire to me - BOOK your metrics call with me now.

Executive Strategy Session

If you ordered the Executive Basics or Elite Package- it is time to chat Career or Interview Strategies- book the best time for you.

Interview Strategy

If you purchased an Interview Prep Strategy Session with me... let's get to it!! Book the BEST time for you here.

Resume Tweaks for Clients

Once you received your resume from me... if you need a few tweaks done- set up a time to go over it with me. If you can send the tweaks to me via email - it will make it go a lot faster!